TapKidz Over The Years | Tap Kidz

Since being founded in the summer of 2010, TapKidz has been able to accomplish some woderful things. We've also expanded the program tremendously. Here are some of the highlights.

TapKidz began in 2010 with a once-a-week, free dance class at the Boys & Girls Club in Kendall and the collection of donated tap shoes. Soon after a weekly free class at the Homestead YMCA was added. Some of our accomplishments include:

•The donation of nearly $7500 to support dance programs at Miami Jackson Senior High and the Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory for the Arts, Dizzy Feet Foundation, Miami City Ballet and Adrianne Haslet, the dancer who lost a foot in the Boston Marathon Bombings. (Thank you to all of those who bought our cupcakes, necklaces and other goodies, and gave cash to help us raise funds.)

•Donations  to Mays made it possible for all of the middle school and high school dancers in their arts program to attend a two-day workshop where they were exposed to new choreographers and strengthened their technique.

•Choreographing contemporary solos and tap routines for the dancers at Miami Jackson Senior High and assisting with their end-of-year recitals.

•The donation of more than 400 costumes to local dance programs in need.

•The collection of 200 pairs of dance shoes, many used by the dancers at the Boys & Girls Club, the Homestead YMCA and Miami  Jackson Senior High.

 •Teaching regular weekly tap class at Arttisitc Soul Studios. 100% of the earnings are donated to TapKidz.

We’re excited that Marissa Tannebaum, also a dancer and Company member at Artisitic Soul Studio, has joined TapKidz. With the addition of Marissa, TapKidz is sure to continue to provide free dance instruction and supoort to those in our community.

Thank You

Finally, a thank you to all of those who have helped so much. In the years since we began TapKidz, we have provided approximately $30,000 worth of free dance classes to the children of our community (based on the average hourly rate of a studio dance class). There are so many individuals who have taken the time to lend their support. Whether you donated a leotard or tights, wrote TapKidz a check or allowed us to instruct your children, we appreciate everything you have done.

Here’s to a great year!

 Alexa, Emma, Marissa, Meaghan and Meagan