Emma Danon | TapKidz

What is Your Favorite Animal? Koalas

What is Your Pet Peeve? I hate when people chew ice.

How Do You Stay Focused When You’re On Stage at a Competition or Performing? I listen to music that will help calm my nerves.

Favorite Color – Light blue

What Do You Value Most in a Friend? A good friend is someone with a sense of humor and that I can trust with my life.

What Style of Dance Do You Most Like to Perform? Contemporary, but I also enjoy tapping away on stage.

What Are Your Favorite TV Shows? The Bachelor/Bachelorette and How I Met Your Mother.

Where Would You Like to Travel Someday? Greece

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to have graduated from college and be dancing in a company like Hubbard Street or Shaping Sound.