Alexa Tannebaum | TapKidz

Favorite Food – Pasta!

What Do You Value Most in a Friend? Someone who makes me laugh and is loyal.

What Is Your Greatest Fear? Snakes and fires. I am completely terrified of both.

What Style of Dance Do You Most Like to Perform? Tap. I love being able to portray stories while simultaneously creating really cool sounds.

What's your favorite color? Definitely pink.

What’s Your Pet Peeve? When people are barefoot in public. I hate feet!

Where Would You Like to Travel Someday? Everywhere, but especially Australia and Spain.

When You’re Not in Dance Clothes or a School Uniform, How Would You Describe Your Style of Dress? I like to combine looks and go for something unique.

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years? With a Mechanical Engineering degree working as a Disney Imagineer.