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Love to tap? Love to dance? Not every child has an opportunity to take dance classes. That’s one of the reasons that in 2010, Meagan Adler and Meaghan Sylver founded TapKidz. In 2013 Alexa Tannebaum and Emma Danon began their involvment with TapKidz. When Meagan and Meaghan graduated in 2014, Alexa and Emma took over the reins of TapKidz. Alexa and Emma have been dancing together for over 10 years and want to share their passion for dance with others. Alexa and Emma dance at Artistic Soul Studio, where they are part of the Company, which competes in several regional competitions a year.

    Their years of dance taught them that dance builds self confidence, allows children to artistically express themselves and provides a safe outlet. In recent difficult economic times, they noticed that some schools were cutting their arts budgets, and with the high cost of dance classes at a studio they knew that the studio was not an option financially for many. In addition, with rising obesity rates in children, they wanted to help kids get moving. They chose tap partly because it is somewhat of a dying art (not all dance studios offer tap),because they love to tap and because kids like the noisy shoes and the fun steps.

    TapKidz began teaching free weekly tap classes to children at the Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA in Homestead. Initially the girls solicited the donation of new and gently used tap shoes from area stores and studios so that the children don’t have to pay for any special equipment.

  In 2012 TapKidz expanded and began collecting donations of gently used dance shoes of all kinds (jazz, ballet, tap and more), in addition to dance attire and dance costumes. Several area dance studios, a school and a dance store serve as collection points, and a TapKidz box sits in each location for those who want to give their outgrown or unused dance shoes and clothing to a worthy cause. The donations have helped young dancers in the community – a dance program at an inner-city public high school, a dance magnet program at a public 6-12 grade school and a dance studio in Liberty City, an underserved part of town.

    Tapkidz is now raising funds for community outreach dance programs locally and internationally. Stay tuned for more good news from TapKidz.

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